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Future Creation Challenge

update : 2022-09-05

We encourage you to bring your ideas and thoughts to life, no matter how small they are. We support your creative challenges; the first step in bringing your ideas and thoughts toward realization. The experience of transforming these ideas to their beginning stages of reality during your campus life will lead you to perform outstandingly in your field in the future.
We recommend you to consider this opportunity and apply!

This recruitment is for the second term of this project.

Target activities
Your activity must meet all of the following requirements.
1) It is an activity that Tokyo Tech students carry out from planning to implementation by themselves.
2) It is an activity that is carried out by a group consisting of at least 2 members of Tokyo Tech students, in principle.
3) It is not intended to promote or disseminate a specific political idea or religion.
4) It is not a project that a faculty member has been supervising.
Support period
From September 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023
Support content
1) Support of up to 1 million yen per project.
If you wish to continue your activities next year, please apply for the project that would be announced next year. In principle, the grant has to be used for necessary items (limited to consumables), travel expenses, and rewards to non-Tokyo Tech members.
*The amount applied is subject to change during screening process.
2) The use of Taki Plaza B1 Student Support Center Meeting Room (Reserve a common space for use. Only available for meetings.)
3) Printing of leaflets and posters
4) The use of items which Student Success Support Section, Student Support Center owns
5) The consultation with the faculty of Student Success Support Section, Student Support Center
Qualification requirements
All of the following must be met.v 1) Being a bachelor's or graduate student (excluding non-regular students) of Tokyo Institute of Technology at the time of application and completion of activities.
2) Regardless of nationality (However, those who can prepare a set of application documents in Japanese or English and make a screening presentation in Japanese or English)
Application submission deadline
July 20,2022
Application method
The representative of the group will prepare a grant application (attached form) and submit it by e-mail to Student Success Support Section, Student Support Center, Tokyo Institute of Technology by July 20 (Wednesday).
Submission email address:
Implementation report
The representative of the adopted groups will need to do the followings:
・ Submit the implementation report regularly.
・ Make a final presentation of your project (scheduled to be held in May 2023).
・ Submit the interim expense report due on December 20, 2022 and the annual one due on March 15, 2023. (Required to submit all the receipts for the expenses.)
・ If you do not use the full amount of support, you will need to return the rest of the grant.
・ If the above is not implemented, applications for the project will not be accepted from the next fiscal year onwards.
Schedule of the application
July 20 (Wednesday) Application deadline
August 25(Thursday) Presentation Examination
Result will be informed in the late August.
Examination criteria
・Originality of the project
・ Does the person or the team is/are motivated to take the “first step”?
・ Is there a strategic process for thinking (specific paths for realization)?
・ Is it expected to be feasible?
・ Are the elements of "diversity" are included in the team members and the content of the project?